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Serving the Pacific Northwest for over 65 years

Who We Are

Our PastPast

In 1949 Harry and Barbara Pedersen founded Pedersen’s in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, as an off premise catering company. Our catering background created a strong foundation for the company and in 1968, after 20 years of off premise catering, Pedersen’s evolved into a full time rental company. We have been dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative rental products for over 60 years.

Seattle BuildingPresent

Pedersen’s has frequently been recognized by industry partners and competitors as a pioneer in the event industry. We continue to evolve, and today we serve 3 major markets, Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle Washington. With over 60 years in business we have been fortunate to maintain the family identity with second and third generations still active within the business. Innovative products, distinct service and appreciation of our customers and their businesses define who we are today.

Our FutureFuture

We look forward to new goals as well as the new challenges the future will bring. We assure our customers that we will continue to innovate and exceed your expectations through education and introduction of new inventory. We guarantee our commitment to a more environmental future and will continue our search for more efficient systems for storing, handling, and transporting our rental goods.