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Contributors to this website

Website Credits & Contributors

Pedersens would like to thank all those who have contributed to this website...

Website Redesign

Design & Development

Kevin designed and developed this websites as well as our original website. He also writes content and provides all our hosting & webmaster services.

Kevin Dalman
ALLEGRO Professional Solutions
Vancouver, BC

Graphic Design & Style

Carly created the graphic look, overall style, and color schemes for the website.

Carly H. Franklin
CFX Creative — Design that Means Business
Vancouver, BC

Website Photography

Product & Company Photography

Patrick has done all our product photography, and various other photography, since our very first website.

Patrick Parenteau
DV-Pix International
Vancouver, BC

Onsite Event Photography

Many of our clients, and the professional photographers they work with, have generously allowed use of their event photos on our website. We greatly appreciate their contribution. A photo credit appears on the photos loaned to us.

Website Content

Planner Articles

Pedersens' administration and sales staff wrote most of the Planner articles, based on their years of experience. We appreciate their efforts and look forward to more articles from them. Articles from other sources are credited appropriately.


The drink, desert and appetizer recipes in the Planner section were suggested and/or created by our staff and by some of our professional catering clients. We thank them all.

We also want to hear from you!

If you have ideas, guidelines, tips or recipes that would be useful to others, send them to Those we believe would be of interest to a wide audience, and that have no copyright issues, will be shared in our Planner section.