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Tips for all types of corporate events

Before You Begin

Tips for planning your next corporate event...

Clarify the type of event (WHAT)

Possible types of events include: Anniversary Celebration, Ground Breaking, Seminars, Conferences, Executive Retreats & Incentive Programs, New Product Launch, Trade Show, or Customer Appreciation.

Set goals & objectives (WHY)

This is very important with client events and sales meetings. Goals help you stay on track and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Prepare a preliminary agenda and guest list (WHO)

Creating a guest list and agenda helps determine the criteria for a venue, like size and available amenities.

Identify potenitial event dates (WHEN)

Regardless of the date eventually chosen, it is inevitable that someone will be unavailable. Selecting a date early helps reduce or eliminate any inconvenience. Also decide whether the event should take place during or after office hours. You must have a date and time decided before requesting proposals from venues, caterers and other suppliers.

Set a Budget (COST)

How much can be spent on the event in total? A budget will help determine the number of guests, venue and type of event you will host.

Set deadlines and create a timetable

Make note of all major dates on your calendar and set reminders for yourself. For example, dates for deposits to be paid and final a guest count to be sent to the facility or caterer.