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Tips for all types of corporate events

Corporate Event Countdown

At least 6 months Ahead

  • Determine Event Goals and objectives
  • Prepare the agenda and guest list
  • Set a date
  • Determine the budget
  • Determine all other major deadlines

5 Months Ahead

  • Request proposals from event planners (if you are using one)
  • Request proposals for venues
  • Conduct site visits
  • Book your venue
  • Book your event planner
  • Form a committee within your organization to work on this event. Assign specific tasks and deadlines.
  • Research any possible permits/licenses that may be required. What is needed to apply? How long will the process take?

Ensure that all suppliers have sufficient insurance to cover your event.

4 Months Ahead

  • Request proposals from all suppliers – this includes rental companies, entertainment, lighting & audio visual, florals and invitations.
  • If you are creating a theme for your event you may need to contact a decor/prop company
  • If you are preparing special promotional materials you should contact and advertising agency or printer for quotations

3 Months Ahead

  • Book your caterer and confirm the type of reception cocktail, buffet, sit down meal etc.
  • Select your rental company
  • Determine bar details
  • Check availability of specific entertainment
  • Finalize guest list
  • Order invitations

2 Months Ahead

  • Meet with advertising agency (if you are using one)
  • Book florist and all décor details
  • Book entertainment
  • If the event includes staff, inform staff the time and place of the event
  • Conduct site inspection with the caterer to design layout and flow (you may want to include the rental company in your site visit if there are any logistical concerns with the delivery and pick up of equipment)
  • Review all of your power requirements and ensure you will have adequate power on site for entertainment, catering and audio visual requirements
  • Send a save the date notice to all guests

6 Weeks Ahead

  • Apply for necessary licenses and permits
  • Plan any presentations that will be made
  • Arrange giveaways and door prizes

4 Weeks Ahead

  • Mail invitations (if using regular mail)
  • Review your “To Do” list with committee members
  • Begin receiving RSVP’s – ensure that guest names and company details are recorded properly
  • Begin to prepare the location
  • Create a list of jobs to be handled at the event
  • Set up crew
  • Host/Hostess of the event
  • Tour Guides
  • Security
  • Clean Up

3 Weeks Ahead

  • Media Releases should begin if you are using an Advertising Agency

2 Weeks Ahead

  • All RSVP’s are due. This allows time to follow up with guest that have not replied.
  • Prepare a detailed production schedule which includes the move in and move out times for all suppliers to avoid crowding in the loading areas. If you are using a production schedule you must have someone available on the day of the event to facilitate the schedule.

1 Week Ahead

  • Confirm final numbers with caterers and the rental company
  • Prepare name tags (if you are using)

Day of the Event

  • Have the entrance to your event well marked
  • Have your reception/registration table in a convenient spot for all guests
  • Review with committee members all last minute details and review the event production schedule
  • Have a plan for guests that may arrive early
  • Conduct a final walk through of the venue including restrooms to ensure that everything is in place