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Birthday celebrations, cocktails, and more

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you have all the essential bar tools
  • Send invitations early but not too early 2-3 weeks should be sufficient unless it is a busy time of the year.
  • Have plenty of cocktail napkins, plates and glassware available
  • Plan on 50-75% of invited guests to attend so you can estimate the number of drinks you will be pouring and how many bottles you will need.
  • Estimate 2-3 drinks per person
  • Add a “WOW” factor. This could be a drink, food, activity, table décor, flowers or whatever fits your party
  • Get some help – very few of us can handle all of the party details and still be available to socialize with guests. Consider getting some help from friends or family. If this is not a reasonable option then consider hiring a bartender or some service that that can assist with preparing and serving food as well as clean up after the party!