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Wedding planning tips and guides

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Create the Wedding of Your Dreams

Once the news of your engagement spreads it’s time to plan a wedding! We are offering some simple guidelines to help you stay organized, and eliminate the need to feel overwhelmed. Whether your wedding budget is large or small, the steps are the same: define your wedding style, prioritize what is really important to you, create a plan and stick to it. Don’t forget to have fun along the way!

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Creating your dream wedding can be as simple as following your own personal style (we all have it), and making decisions that feel right to you.

Use our wedding styles page to help define the look of your special day: traditional, elegant, contemporary or over the top glamorous. Décor decisions are simple once you choose an overall style or theme.


Choosing a Wedding Planner

Where should you begin?

One of the first decisions you are faced with is whether or not you will need to hire someone to assist you with your wedding needs.

Let us help you make this decision an easy one by walking you through some simple questions to ask yourself. It could really be that simple.