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Wedding planning tips and guides

Reception Checklist

Dates & Times

  • Will the facility book other weddings or events before or after your event? If they do, this will place restrictions for your suppliers and the drop off and pick up times of rentals and florals etc.
  • How far in advance can or should the space be reserved?
  • What time will your suppliers be allowed access to the space to drop off and set up?
  • Can the rentals and other décor items be left for pick up until the next business day or will they need to be removed that evening or on a Sunday? (Many vendors consider this “after hours” and will charge extra for this service).

Site Logistics

  • What is the total square footage of the space?
  • What rooms are available (you will want to have the square footage of each room)?
  • How many people can you seat for either buffet or sit down dinner options (with dancing)? Ask to see floor plans, diagrams, photos or previous events.
  • What is the optimum number of guests for the site (what is the maximum)?
  • Is there in house catering or can you bring in your own caterer?
  • How does the space work? (Where do guests enter? If an elevator is necessary to access the space will there be one reserved for your event guests?)
  • What are the parking facilities? Is valet parking available?
  • Is the site handicap accessible?
  • Where is the coat room?
  • Where would the cocktail area be?
  • Where would the bride get dressed? Where would the groom get dressed?
  • Where can photographs be taken? Are there any off limits areas?
  • What is the rain plan if part of the event is to take place outside?

Look at the shape of the room and possible obstructions like columns as well as the total amount of unusable space which may be included in the total square footage provided by the venue.


  • What is the rental fee?
  • Do you get the space for a maximum number of hours? When does overtime kick in and what would the additional charges be per hour?