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Featured rental products

Opus Heater

Not only does this heater radiate 360° it adds the WOW factor to your next outdoor event.Operated by propane gas the flame is contained in a specially designed glass tube that can produce an astounding 51,000 BTU.

Find in Catalog @ Flooring > Tents & Canopies > Heating

Winelovers Glassware

Winelovers Glassware

Introducing Pedersens newest addition to our glassware line! As the name would indicate this beautiful line of glassware is made for the winelover as there is no lip on the rim and it is light and easy to hold. You can add beauty to your table without having to make adjustments to your budget. Try it at your next event.

Find in Catalog @ Drinking > Glasses > Winelovers.

Rectangle Plate 4½ x 10"

Customize your culinary showcase with this contemporary plate exclusive to Pedersens. Mix and match this geometric china with our other white china patterns and shapes. Versatile, sleek, and practical, this rectangle plate can be used for casual or upscale food presentation.

Find in Catalog @ Dining > Dishware > Misc.

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