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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Coffee PercolatorsCoffee Percolators


  • Do not immerse perc base in water 
  • Do not plug in without liquid in the percolator 
  • Turn switch to OFF before disconnecting the cord from the wall outlet

General Use

  1. Fill urn with COLD water to level desired. Urn will not work with hot water.
  2. Place regular grind coffee in the basket. Set basket assembly into heat well. DO NOT FORCE. Place the cover on the percolator.
  3. Plug into 110 – 120 volt AC outlet. Switch perc on. Light will come on when coffee is ready. Coffee will remain at serving temperature as long as the urn is plugged in.
  4. If your urn does not work... Check your fuse. If using an extension cord, try plugging the percolator directly into the wall-socket instead.

Quantity & Time Guidelines

  • 30 cups requires 2.5 cups coffee grounds ~ 30 minutes brew time
  • 36 cups requires 3 cups coffee grounds ~ 35 minutes brew time
  • 55 cups requires 5.5 cups coffee grounds ~ 40 minutes brew time
  • 75 cups requires 6 cups coffee grounds ~ 55 minutes brew time
  • 100 cups requires 7.5 cups coffee grounds ~ 70 minutes brew time
  • 5 ½ cups coffee grounds is approximately one pound