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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Deep Fat Fryer


  • You are responsible for draining the fryer. 
  • Allow sufficient time for oil to cool before draining. 

General Use

  1. Connect hose to propane tank. Ensure that connection is good.
  2. Make sure the drainage pipe for oil removal is closed (lever is at 90° angle to pipe).
  3. Fill fryer with oil.
  4. Open valve on propane tank.
  5. Turn temperature dial to "OFF" position.
  6. Turn fryer gas valve to "PILOT".
  7. Push in and hold the gas valve and light the pilot. It is located between the burners.
  8. Hold the gas valve in the "IN"position for a minimum 60 seconds.
  9. Release the gas valve and then turn it to the "ON" position.
  10. When gas ignites, turn temperature gauge to the desired position.
  11. When finished, turn temperature gauge and gas valve to "OFF".
  12. Turn off propane.