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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Convection OvenElectric Convection Oven

Setting-up the Convection Oven

  1. Place the oven on a flat sturdy surface not bothered by heat. Be sure the oven is at least 4 inches away from any overhead cabinetry and 2 inches away on all sides from any wall
  2. Plug cord into outlet (the digital display will flash 88:88)
  3. Set the clock: 
    Press CLOCK and a beep will sound. Immediately press and until display shows the correct time. Tapping the pad causes the time to change in minutes. Holding down the pad causes the time to jump in 10-minutes segments. Release when clock is set at correct time of day. Press CLOCK again to set time. A beep will sound and the word "SET" will disappear from the digital display.

To Begin Cooking

  1. Place baking pan(s)/tray(s) on racks, leaving at least ½ inch of air space around all sides to allow the air to circulate freely.
  2. Set the temperature control knob to the desired temperature. When following recipes for baking cakes, pies, and cookies, set temperature 75°lower than recipe requires.

    REMINDER: No preheating is necessary
  3. Press COOK/OFF. After the beep sounds, immediately press until the digital display shows the amount of time you want the oven to be on. When you finish setting the time, a beep will sound and the oven will automatically turn on.
  4. The power-on indicator light will illuminate and remain on until the oven goes off automatically when the cooking time if over. You will hear 3 beeps, 1 second apart, to let you know the food is ready and one beep every 10 seconds until turned off
  5. To turn off beeper, press COOK/OFF
  6. To cancel cooking at any time, press COOK/OFF once