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Traditional, Elegant, Glamorous or Themed?

What's your wedding style?

From a traditional country club wedding to a modern loft affair, there are many ways to define your wedding day. Your reception site, colours and time of day all help shape your wedding vision. Our suggestions include seasonal linen selections that will enhance your personal wedding style, no matter what that is.

Traditional Wedding

The traditional wedding will include elegant yet conservative choices for dining tables, centerpieces and room decor. There are an infinite number of traditional options and this classic style of décor is guaranteed to work in many venues. Traditional does not have to be routine. A risk free reception is a perfect fit for many of today’s sophisticated couples.

Traditional Wedding Samples

Simple but Elegant Wedding

When in doubt, “Less is Best”! Yes, it is possible to keep your wedding simple without sacrificing style. You can achieve a beautiful reception on a limited budget but it will force you to be definitive in your decision making. Clean lines and fewer frills will give your wedding a sophisticated edge.

Elegant Wedding Samples

Glamorous Wedding

A glamourous wedding encompasses the “more is more” wedding style.

Opulent tabletop designs, black tie dress code and multi course meals make up the anatomy of a glamorous wedding.

Beautifully tailored designs are executed keeping every detail in mind.

Glamorous Wedding Samples

Contemporary Wedding

A contemporary wedding is best suited to a couple that prefers monochromatic color schemes and minimalist designs. Create a sleek and dramatic effect that is unsurpassed by selecting colors that are unique and not seasonal. Sharper edges, sculptural centerpieces and a touch of sparkle make up an architectural environment that is pleasing to the more contemporary bride and groom. Your choice of venue may include and open and airy art gallery or loft.

Contemporary Wedding Samples

Themed Wedding

Use a favourite city, space or hobby to inspire you. A theme wedding will always be unique and allows you to think outside the box – no limitations!

Patterned or textured linens create a “vibe” that is more entertaining for you and your guests. Add a pop of color to define your reception area.

Themed Wedding Samples