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Useful calculators, guidelines & formulas

Liquor Consumption

Use the guidelines below as a starting point for stocking your bar, but remember these are only averages. Actual liquor consumption will depend on many factors.

Drinks Per Bottle

Bottle Type & Size Bottle Yield
1 litre bottle of alcohol 20-22 drinks
750 ml bottle of wine 5 glasses
1 litre of soda 5 to 7 glasses (depends on size of glass and ice)
750 ml bottle of champagne 6 generous glasses
1 case of champagne 75 glasses for a champagne toast

Drinks Per Person

1 hour cocktail reception before dinner

  • 2 drinks per person for cocktails, then...
  • 2 - 2½ glasses of wine per person for dinner

2 hour cocktail party

  • 3 drinks per person

4 hour dinner party

  • 3 - 4 drinks per person

Chilling Out

  • 1½ lbs of ice per person – 2½ lbs if also chilling bottles.
  • Pack bottles in ice for 2 hours to properly chill them before guests arrive.

Square Footage & Seating

Venue Size Guidelines

Event Type & Layout Square-Feet per Person
Ceremony Seated in Rows 8 sq-ft / person
Cocktail Standing (pre-meal) 6 to 8 sq-ft / person
Cocktail Partial Seating & Dance Floor 8 to 10 sq-ft / person
Cocktail Partial Seating & Food Stations 12 to 13 sq-ft / person
Dining Rectangle, Buffet or Served 12 to 14 sq-ft / person
Dining 60" Round, Buffet or Served 15 to 16 sq-ft / person
Dance Area 2 to 4 sq-ft / person
Band 20-25 sq-ft / instrument
Bars 100 sq-ft / bar

Guests Per Table

Table Size Seats
6' x 30" banquet table 6 to 8
8' x 30" banquet table seats 8 to 10
48" round table
60" round table 8 to 10 

Suggested Dance Floor Size

This chart is a rough guide. Requirements may vary depending on type of event and age of guests.

Guests Square-Feet Dimensions
50 100 sq-ft 9' x 12'
100 180 sq-ft 12' x 15'
150 270 sq-ft 15' x 18'
200 380 sq-ft 18' x 21'
250 440 sq-ft 21' x 21'
300 575 sq-ft 24' x 24'

Setting the Dinner Table

Setting the table for your party should be enjoyable, not intimidating. There are many ways to set a table, depending on the formality of the occasion and the food being served, but here are a few food-proof guidelines:

  • Put down the charger-plates (or imagine where the plate will go if not using charger plates).
  • Forks go on the left of the plate. Place these in the order guest will use them, with the first on the outside. (An appetizer and entrée would mean 2 forks) .
  • Knives and spoons go on the right of the plate, place . Again, order these with the first used on the outside. Knife blades should always face in towards the plate. 
  • Dessert utensils lay horizontally across the top of the plate. These are normally a dessert fork & spoon or a dessert fork & knife. If it is a fork/spoon combination the spoon is on top with the handle of the spoon on the right side. If it is a fork/knife then the fork is on top with the handles of the fork on the left.
  • Glasses are arranged on the upper right hand side of the place setting at a diagonal angle.
  • Napkins can go on the plate or to the left of the plate.

Avoid having utensils for more than 3 courses on the table at any one time, the place settings look too crowded. Cutlery for additional courses can come out with the plate or just prior to the course being served.

If possible, set your table in the morning or even th night before to avoid any last minute stress.