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Wedding planning tips and guides

10 Money Saving Tips

Looking for ways to trim your wedding expenses? Here are our top 10 tips...

1. Cut the guest list

With every person you add to your guest list the cost increases exponentially. You should not feel compelled to add “and guest” to unmarried friends.

2. Be flexible and avoid peak times

Consider holding your event on a day other than Saturday and ask your venue or caterer about the possibility of a discount for a weekday event (Thursday, Friday or Sunday). Hold your wedding during less popular months, usually October – April. Summer is prime wedding season!

3. Don’t do dinner

The time of day and the duration of your wedding will dramatically affect your food and beverage costs. Consider a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception, brunch, tea or champagne and dessert reception. By limiting the length of the event you also have better control over your final costs.

4. Avoid overtime

When you are planning the schedule of events for your wedding day please be sure to leave some room for error. It is not uncommon for things to run behind and you do not want to be responsible for paying additional charges to your venue or entertainment because you did not start or finish on time.

5. Get the biggest bang for your buck

If you are working with a limited décor budget be certain that you spend your décor dollars where your guests are certain to notice. Skip the fancy details that so few of your guests will appreciate and spend your money where it will be noticed. Avoid the fancy napkin treatments and spend your table décor budget on linens to the floor – this will create an instant mood when guests enter your reception space.

6. Floral extravaganza

Flowers can add a tremendous cost to any wedding. It is difficult to envision a wedding without any fresh flowers, but you can consider renting silk arrangements or shrubs wherever possible. Use flowers that are in season to avoid extra charges and consider single stems or simple posy arrangements that you can assemble yourself for centerpieces.

7. Limit your liquor

Select a venue which will allow you to bring in your own liquor or limit your bar selections to beer and wine only. If budget permits then consider introducing one feature cocktail served in fun glasses or an alcoholic punch.

8. Have your cake and eat it too

Designer cakes are all the rage, but they often come with a large price tag. You can save hundreds of dollars by selecting a more modest wedding cake. If you cannot possibly trim on your cake costs then please ensure that the cake will also be used as dessert for your guests. It will serve as a beautiful showpiece for photos as well as a delicious end of meal treat.

9. Rent, rent, rent!

If not sentimental about your dress, rent it and save hundreds or thousands!

10. Do it yourself (DIY)

Plan and execute many of the small details yourself. Whenever possible, deal directly with the supplier that is to perform the services as opposed to using planners to sub contract these services for you. Subcontracting does cost more in most cases.