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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Butane BurnerButane Burner


  • Do not store or use gasoline or other flammables in the vicinity of this appliance.
  • Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.
  • This stove consumes air. To avoid endangering your life, do not use this stove in unventilated structures. Provide additional ventilation for any additional fuel burning appliances and additional occupants.

How to Install Canister

  1. Open the canister cover.
  2. Make sure ignition knob is in "OFF" position and canister lever is in "RELEASE" position. If the ignition knob is not completely in "OFF" position, the canister cannot be engaged into "LOCK" position.
  3. Install the canister in order to be fitted the canister hole into the canister guide.
  4. Lock by pushing the canister lever down and then close the canister cover.
  5. If you are able to turn on the unit... Confirm that the canister is positioned properly and canister lever is in the "LOCK" position.

How to Ignite

  • Turn the ignition knob 90˚ counterclockwise until you hear a "click" sound.
  • If the burner does not light, repeat the ignition procedure

How to Control Flame

  • The size of the flame can be regulated by turning the ignition knob slowly toward "OFF" position from "ON" position.

How to Extinguish

  1. Turn the ignition knob clockwise to "OFF" position. The flame is automatically put out and there is no gas supplied.
  2. The flame will be extinguished before the ignition knob is turned completely to "OFF" position. Make sure to check the flame is out.
  3. Be sure to raise the canister lever up to the "RELEASE" position. Open the canister cover and then take the canister out.

Burning-off Remaining Fuel

  • Some fuel may remain in the canister after the unit has been turned off. For your safety, with the canister lever in "RELEASE" position, turn ignition knob to "ON" position to burn off any remained fuel.