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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Hand Washing StationHand Sink Cart

General Use

  1. Plug in electric cord to a convenient 110 volt outlet.
  2. Open “hot” side of valve on faucet about one quarter turn. Turn switch on electric box to start pump. With water heater turned "off", allow pump to fill water heater until water begins to run out faucet spout, then shut valve.
  3. Do the same for the “cold” side of faucet. This will “bleed” off air in water lines.
  4. Turn "on" switch on side of water heater (switch will light up), and allow time for heater to begin heating water tank.
  5. You are now ready to use the Hand Sink Cart.

Changing/Emptying Waste Tanks

NOTE: Turn hand sink off while changing tanks
  1. To change to second tank supply, remove front fresh water tank.
  2. Switch pump line from empty water tank to second full tank and place back into its position in front.
  3. Briefly turn on faucet to check that pump is moving water through system. If so, close doors. You’re ready with 5 gallons more.
  4. To empty full waste tanks, remove the drain nozzle from the full waste tank and place in the tank spout of the empty waste tank.
  5. Empty waste at nearest safe disposal location.