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Instructions for set-up, operation & cleaning

Popcorn Popping Machine


  • Do not leave popper pan heat on when not popping corn.
  • To avoid cleaning charges ($10.00), the pan should be cleaned by wiping out with a soft cloth when warm.

General Use

  1. With all switches in the "OFF" position, connect the machine to the power supply.
  2. Turn on motor switch located in the mounting bracket above the popper. This will cause the agitator blades to rotate.
  3. Turn on popper heat. When on, pilot light comes on.
  4. Raise the cover on the popping pan and pour in the pre-measured popcorn packet.
  5. Refill with the next pre-measured popcorn packet in preparation for the next popping.
  6. As the corn pops, it will touch the cover and gradually raise it. Corn will spill over the edge into the cabinet.
  7. When the corn stops popping, dump the pan promptly by moving the handle to the right and towards you so that the latch clears the stop pin, then left. When empty, return the pan to popping position and lock the latch by pushing the handle away from you.
  8. Place the next packet of pre-measured popcorn in the pan, close the cover and repeat the cycle.

Final Popping

On the last series of poppings, turn off the heat shortly before the popping is completed. When the pan has been dumped, return to popping position, close the cover, and turn off the motor. This will stop smoking and keep excess oil from burning on the pan.

Thermostat Setting

The temperature of the pan is controlled by the thermostat inside the kettle. The thermostat is pre-set at the factory and should require no further adjustments.