20 x 60" Propane BBQ

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A propane bbq is the easiest way to barbecue your next group dinner. This commercial bbq heats and cooks quickly and no clean up is required.Use everything from 1 to 8 of the 20,000 BTU adjustable burners. The rental price includes one propane tank and the cleaning of the grill. All propane units must be used outdoors, indoor use is prohibited.

Grill Dimensions: Length: 65"

Grill Dimensions Width: 16.25"

Overall Length: 70"

Overall Width: 23"

Overall Height: 31"
Total: 160,000 BTU'S (20,000 per burner x 8 burners)
BBQ Weight: 220 lbs
Comes with 5 ft Propane hose and QCC(Quick Closing Coupler) hook-up. 

Operating Instructions

  1. Ensure all burners are in the “OFF” position (horizontal)
  2. Ensure that the propane tank is properly connected
  3. Turn the propane tank on at the source SLOWLY and wait 5 minutes before ignition. Failure to wait may cause the safety device in the cylinder valve to activate, which will reduce the flow of gas from the cylinder
  4. Remove the grill from one section of the BBQ
  5. Pull the burner lever, located on the front of the BBQ, towards you to start the flow of gas on one burner only. The burner lever only needs to be open slightly in order to light. The burner is the long tube that comes directly from the burner valve
  6. Ignite the burner from the top of the unit by holding the lighter flame in the lava rock immediately above the burner
  7. When the burner is fully lit open the lever on the second burner in that grill section and the burner will ignite
  8. Proceed to light the other sections of the BBQ in the same manner

To turn OFF the BBQ

  1. When finished, turn propane “OFF” at the tank and allow the barbecue flames to extinguish.
  2. Turn all the burners to the “OFF” position (horizontal).
  3. CAUTION the top of grill may remain hot up to ONE HOUR after extinguishing the BBQ

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