55 Cup Coffee Makers

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Height: 21"
Width: 16"
Volts: 120
Amps: 13
Watts: 1450

These coffee makers percolate up to 55 cups of coffee. These machines do not require a paper filter so you will need to purchase regular or coarse grind coffee NOT the fine grind that is used for most machines. While these coffee machines are percolating you will not be able to plug anything else into the same circuit or you will definitely blow a fuse. Often plugs on the same wall are also on the same circuit so you should be aware of this before you start the machine.

Operating Instructions 

  1. Fill coffee maker to the desired level with COLD water (Maker will not work with hot water).
  2. Place REGULAR/COARSE GRIND COFFEE in the basket. There are no paper filters required so the coffee must be coarse enough so it does not fall through the holes in the basket provided.
  3. Set the long metal pump into the heat well inside the coffee maker. 
  4. Gently set the basket with coffee grinds onto the pump.  DO NOT FORCE THE BASKET DOWN
  5. Place the lid on the coffee maker.
  6. Plug coffee maker into a regular 110 – 120 volt AC outlet.
  7. Switch coffee maker ON (on 100 cup machines only). There is no ON/OFF switch on 55 cup machines.
  8. Light will come on when coffee is ready.  Coffee will remain at serving temperature as long as the urn is plugged in. 

If your maker does not work, check your fuse.  If you are using an extension cord, plug the maker directly into the socket. These machines require a tremendous amount of power while they are percolating and you will not be able to plug in or operate any other electric appliances at the same time. Please remember that many sockets are often on the same fuse and one socket does not usually have a designated fuse.


Do not plug in without water in the percolator

Turn switch to OFF before disconnecting the cord from the wall outlet

This unit is for coffee or water only.  Use for anything else will result in replacement charges

Helpful Hints

1 pound of coffee = 5 ½ cups coffee grounds

36 cups requires about 3 cups coffee grounds                           35 minutes brew time

55 cups requires about 5.5 cups coffee grounds                        40 minutes brew time

75 cups requires about 6 cups coffee grounds                            55 minutes brew time

100 cups requires about 7.5 cups coffee grounds                       70 minutes brew time

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