Commercial Range 6 Burner

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This full size propane commercial range is ideal for cooking and heating for your event. With 6 full size burners and a full size oven with 2 shelves you have the same capacity as a commercial kitchen. One propane tank is included in the rental rate. This range is not available for customer pick up.

Exterior Dimensions: Height 59.5",  x  Width 36",  x Depth 34" 
Interior Dimensions: Height 14",  x Width 26",  x Depth 25.5"
Weight: 500 LBS

Oven is adjustable 175-500 F

Operating Instructions

  1. Ensure all burners are in the “OFF” (horizontal) position and turn the oven knob to the “OFF” position
  2. Ensure that the propane tank is properly connected
  3. Turn the propane tank on at the source SLOWLY and wait 5 minutes before ignition. Failure to wait may cause the safety device in the cylinder valve to activate which will reduce the flow of gas from the cylinder
  4. Open the panel immediately under the oven door. Pull the panel up to unlatch it and then it will open towards you. You will now see the RED pilot starter button
  5. Remove the floor of the oven which will give you access to the pilot burner
  6. Press and hold the RED starter button while holding your flame to the pilot burner
  7. Once the pilot lights, continue to hold the button for another 30 to 60 seconds.
  8. Release the RED button and the pilot light should remain lit. Set the temperature gauge to the desired position and the oven burner will ignite.


IF the pilot does not light, wait 2 minutes and then repeat steps 6 to 8

  1. Replace the oven floor and the panel under the oven door.

10. To light the range burners carefully light one burner at a time. Turn the burner knob on (counter clockwise) to start the gas flow and hold the flame to ignite the burner.


IF the burner does not light, turn the burner off, wait 10 seconds and then repeat step 10

To turn OFF the Range

  1. When finished, turn propane “OFF” at the tank and allow the flames to extinguish
  2. Turn all burners to the “OFF” position
  3. CAUTION the top of the range may remain hot up to ONE HOUR after extinguishing


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