Counter Top Convection Oven

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This versatile unit has unique airflow design for quick recovery to make your baking and heating a fast process. Ideal for cocktail receptions that require quantities of items produced in a rapid manner. This unit has 3 shelves and allows you to bake up to three 13 x 18" pans or two 1/2 size inserts at the same time.

Interior Dimensions:18 3/4" Wide x 13 3/4 Deep x 9" High
Exterior Dimensions: 23 5/8" Wide x 23 3/4"Deep x 15 3/4"High
Weight: 55 lbs
Oven Temp Adjustable between 175-500 F

120 Volts - 13 Amps - 1450 Watts

Operating Instructions

  1. Position the oven on the counter/table with at least 2” of air space on all sides of the oven
  2. Plug the convection oven directly into a wall outlet
  3. Position the three shelves with as much space between them as possible to allow good air flow for even cooking
  4. Set the temperature dial to the desired temperature. The light beside the temperature knob will go on. When the oven reaches the desired temperature the light will shut off and the oven is ready for use
  5. Set the timer dial. This can be set to “Continuous On” or to a desired cooking time
    1. Continuous On: Turn the timer knob counter clockwise to the “ON” position and the oven will remain on until it is turned to “OFF”
    2. Desired Cooking Time: Turn the timer knob to the desired cooking time (up to 120 minutes). The oven will automatically turn off when the time expires.
    3. When finished use, turn temperature dial to “0” and turn the timer to “OFF”
    4.  Unplug the oven from the wall and allow to cool before returning it to the box

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